Hubei Dachang Fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd.
With domestic and international market demand, Teflon, Teflon range of applications more widely, because it has excellent resistance to high and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, strong acid and alkali, insulation, dry lubricating and other features, so generally applicable to various industrial fields, so that all enterprises greatly reduce costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality. The Company's head office in Taiwan many years of experience heritage, introduce the most advanced equipment and the collection in Teflon coating produced the most outstanding technical talents to international, concept of sustainable development, earnestly implement the attitude, and constantly improve the company's service quality, product quality, in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
Mainly used in the following industries:
1 anti-corrosion chemical industry (tanks, reactor, stirring rod, cooling, heating pipes, heat exchangers, pharmaceutical tanks, mixing barrels, pumps, fittings, etc.).
2 semiconductor industry anti-corrosion, fire-retardant (acid drainage ducts and other parts).
3. The electronics industry, electroplating industry corrosion (printed circuit boards with a hanger, fixtures, etc.).
4 rubber, plastics industry anti-adhesive, resistant, high temperature, easy to mold, (shoe mold, ball mold, EVA mold, glove mold, plastic mold, mold Styrofoam, plywood hot press templates).
5 anti-adhesive textile industry, resistant, high temperature (textiles, leather and other mechanical guide, crimped round, fit wheel, finishing wheel, sizing wheel, non-woven wheels and parts).
6 Food Industry stick, easy to clean, wear-resistant, (food machinery, biscuits, bread, candy, baking, etc.).
7. Automotive dry lubrication, wear, anti-stick (pistons, piston rings, throttle shaft, lever, hinged pins, all kinds of bearings, brake shoe, bearing retainer, guide seat, the mixing chamber section flow in valves, etc.).
8 other industrial scissors, saw, gas switch, ball, bicycle brake cable, scrapers, blades, blades, screws, nuts and so on.


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