Hubei Dachang Fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd.
About us

湖北大昌氟碳技術有限公司Hubei Dachang Fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd. With the domestic economy, with the development of the great western and central government revitalize the northeast old industrial base decision making by the group of companies founded the company in Hubei investment, inheritance head office in Taiwan and Shanghai, the company's many years of experience to introduce the most advanced equipment and the collection in fluorocarbon resin coating produced the most outstanding technical talent, services in parts of South China, Central China, Great Western region and the northern and northeastern regions vendors, we are located in Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway exit east 9 Xiaogan kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is only 20 km and 107 national highway and 316 national highway drive evenly in 10 minutes or less, convenient transportation and can fully meet the Corporation initiated to improve service quality, reduce costs, the nearest service requirements, in the face of domestic the international market competitive environment.

Hubei Dachang Fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd. collections Taiwan Corporation and Shanghai companies in the "Teflon ®" has many years of industry experience and technical personnel to the international, sustainable business philosophy, with the attitude to seriously implement, and continuously improve the company's service quality , product quality, with effective management system to enhance quality of the staff, in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Because our strength and good reputation as well as fluorocarbon material in the chemical industry for the practical application of results have now been fluorocarbon resin industry authority DuPont "Teflon ®" qualification certificate processing industrial coatings, only two domestic factories award.

Hubei Dachang Fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fluorocarbon "Teflon ®" paint spraying anti-corrosion materials processing and fluorocarbon lined with plants, the use of "Teflon ®" fluorocarbon resin coatings and excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability (-193 ℃ - 260 ℃), anti-adhesive, electrical insulation, chemical resistance and wear properties. For chemical machinery, dyeing, textile cylinder, dryer, laminating rollers, auto parts and all kinds of molds, food machinery and apparatus for non-stick baking, heat, corrosion, wear and other requirements for high performance spray processing, and in the light of modern chemical industry corrosion for the harm caused by the introduction of Japan antiseptic new engineering concepts, for tanks, tower, reactor and piping, use fluorocarbon resin excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, etc. to the company nearly 20 years of operating experience in the chemical industry for anti-corrosion, high temperature, etc. to make contributions, in order to prevent chemical pollution of the environment, as well as customers to improve product quality and product purity to contribute.

With your support, fluorocarbon Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Chang in order to have the results today, the future we would like to be able to provide our clients with better service.

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